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Next Age, With offices in Doha, Surrey and Lahore, NextAge Technologies has been providing Internet and software solutions for small and large businesses alike since 2006. With unparalleled expertise, personalized customer service and cutting edge solutions, NextAge Technologies is focused on the delivery of business-driven Internet solutions and an excellent client experience. Our services are driven from direct client feedback and changing market forces. Our goal is to offer the best value for business-driven Internet development.

NextAge Mission is to help businesses leverage Internet to SAVE smarter, SERVE better and GROW faster.


Internet has emerged as the biggest change agent, enabler and disruptive force in current times. If harnessed properly, it offers enormous leverage to people, organizations and society at large.
Internet is emerging, and so are organizations. We love to work in such ever-evolving environment, since they are challenging, intellectually satisfying and rewarding due to the value that gets unlocked in the process.
It is exciting.


It is easier said than done. Our values help us achieve this:

  • Innovate every day.
  • Think in clients’ shoes!
  • Client is the center of our world.
  • Practice an Intern-to-Entrepreneur career path.
  • Profitability and Returns-on-Investment cannot be compromised.
  • Integrity, Dependability and Capability are keys to business relationship – in that order!

Our vision:

By 2025, to become a company:

  • That never sleeps!
  • With annual revenues in excess of $100 million
  • That touches more than 1 billion lives!

Brief background

  • Incorporated in 2006
  • 300+ employees (as on 1st Feburary 2017)
  • 50+ Enterprises, 150+ Digital Agencies and 1000+ Emerging Companies Served
  • 85% business is based on long term commitments and repeat business
  • Key markets – Europe, USA / Canada, Australia, Singapore, India

NextAge is one of World`s Top Digital Agencies, positioned to provide top-quality service and value to our fast-growing global clientele of 1400+ and counting


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