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Our custom e-Commerce module solutions are easy to use and scale with your business requirements. Simple web browser based administration tools provide businesses with an interface for controlling their entire on-line business. Our shopping cart solution comes complete with technical support and a standard suite of tools necessary to rapidly implement and maintain a commercial presence on the Internet.

How e-commerce works:

The four components of Internet e-commerce are:

Shopping cart : An e-commerce website is a transactional website that will display products and services and take payments online. An e-commerce website will be database driven as well as have additional software that enables credit card transactions to be processed online. E-commerce is the tool that has enabled many small businesses to effectively compete with and in some cases win over their larger corporate competitors. For just several thousand dollars, any small business can have an e-commerce site with the same look and functionality as a Fortune 1000 website. In many cases, customers will not be able to tell the difference. Contrast this with the millions of dollars that would need to be invested in employees, equipment, and real-estate to compete offline with your corporate competitors. Please click here to see some examples of the e-commerce websites we have completed or contact us for additional information.

Secure Hosting :

The physical location where the database and web site files are kept on a computer connected to the Internet.

Merchant Bank Account :

A service offered by a bank institution to allow merchants the ability to accept payments from a credit card.

Payment Processing Software :

This is a link to the bank where there are three methods to accept credit cards:

Manual entry/card swipe on a small machine. Software that dials into the bank after the credit card information is entered into a computer. Automated real-time transactions using a software protocol on the Internet to check the credit availability of a potential customer, and approve or decline the customer. All three payment processing methods debit the funds from the user's credit card account and transfer them to the merchant's bank account. NextAge offers a complete online solution that is cost-effective and easy to use. Simple Internet browser based Administrator tools provide businesse with an interface for controlling the entire online business. Our e-commerce solution compes complete with technical support and a standard suite of tools necessary to rapidly implement and maintain a commercial presence on the Internt.

All of our e-commerce solutions feature:

  • An optional merchant account.
  • Credit card processing software.
  • Database-driven shopping cart system.
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