Search Engine Optimization

Don't you wish it was easy to achieve a first-page search engine ranking in Google? Unfortunately, it isn't, and the reality is that millions of other sites are out there competing against you! Nobody can guarantee you a specific position or rank in search engine results, but a quality firm like NextAge Technologies can help you hedge your bets in the ever-changing world of search engine marketing.

What is “organic” Search Engine Optimization? It is the process of making Website changes in order to ranking higher in the non-paid listings of search engine keyword search results. See this illustration for a quick overview of how it works on Google.
Achieving a high rank naturally can save you money in search engine Paid Placement advertising.
We've been very successful in our efforts for most clients, even in competitive industries such as financial services and consumer goods. We can't tell you all of our secrets, but we can share a little about our search engine optimization methodology.


For every campaign, we go through a comprehensive process of defining keywords and analyzing your site structure. Read more here.

“White Hat” Search Engine Optimization Methods

e're not about to ruin our good reputation by using cloaking, keyword spamming and stuffing, or other non-standard methods of affecting search engine placement. As active members in SEMPO, and participants in many industry conferences, we keep current on what is considered “safe”, as well as “aggressive” search engine optimization techniques.

If you wish to try more aggressive techniques, and are apprised of the risks of potential blacklisting, we can still help you out by recommending one of our partner companies who specialize in pushing SEO to the edge. But, we ask that you try the legitimate way first -— most companies can achieve considerable improvement in ranking just by making strategic changes to their Website design.

Website Optimization

Since most of our customers maintain their own sites, or use a third party Web developer, we're used to working in “hands-off” mode. We'll develop a custom set of recommendations, as well as a cut-and-paste metatag toolkit for your Web team to implement, and support them through the installation process. Search Engine Optimization is a team effort!
In an ideal situation, you will allow NextAge Technologies to re-engineer the site for maximum impact, or will hire us to train your in-house resources to program search-friendly architecture and content.

Submissions and Ranking Reports

We don't oversubmit your site, as some search engines may actually penalize you for it. If you're ranking well on an engine for a particular keyword, we will step carefully around that placement. Our search engine submissions are done by hand, not by automatic software. Search Engine Ranking reports are sent out every two weeks or monthly, depending on your package. Reports are easy-to-read spreadsheets, with supporting raw reports.


We have different levels of pricing, depending on the number of keywords desired, the number of pages optimized, the relative complexity of your marketing challenge (competitive keywords) and your site architecture (database driven pages and heavy graphics/Flash usage may hinder search engine optimization efforts).

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